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Being Accidentally Overcharged Left Me Flustered

I was really aggravated when I went to look at our credit card statement the other week & found that I was well maxed out! I had no idea what in the world happened. Then when I investigated the charges on our account, it seemed that the search engine optimization contractor that I worked alongside to do some SEO job for me overcharged me by a few thousand dollars! I was really quite aggravated at the search engine optimization contractor. I called them up on the iPhone & went ballistic about it. I could not remain professional with an overcharge this horrible on our credit card statement that made us reach the max on our card! The person I spoke to at the search engine optimization contractor was quite understanding and professional and even nice considering how rude & irate I was. Eventually, the search engine optimization contractor rep was able to get me a little calmer & ensure me that it was a laptop error & that our credit card would be credited back those few thousand dollars without delay, then lo & behold, before I knew it, the search engine optimization contractor completely wiped the charges off of our credit card & I was able to feel more secure. They absolutely need to check over their laptop credit card processing system in the future before running charges on customer’s credit cards! This mistake was totally unacceptable in our humble opinion! In the future I will be less likely to trust the SEO company, if I do ever use them again, I should say.

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