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SEO Marketing is Hard Sell for this Old School Person

I may be too old school, & this may shock you when you study what I am about to say, but I am not a fan of search engine optimization! The reason for this is that I spent thousands of dollars last November investing in hiring a search engine optimization contractor to help promote my small business & it got me nowhere! I nearly wanted to call a lawyer & sue the daylights out of this search engine optimization contractor that I so foolishly hired. I had heard nothing but good things about search engine optimization so that is why I did it to begin with. Now I feel stupid! Not sure if maybe I chose a scam contractor or what. But it’s put me off to all search engine optimization companies. The experience also had me thinking if this stuff really works for other companies like mine or if it’s just for suckers such as myself who suppose everything they study on the internet. I apologize to all the legit search engine optimization companies out there – if there are any, I mean. But this is just our opinion on it all based on our personal experience with what happened to me. If I didn’t spend thousands of dollars I may have been a little less jaded about this newfangled advertising scheme. But that’s a supplier for you. Business owners take risks periodically to try to grow the profits & make good money. Sometimes I suffer a loss & periodically it’s a gain. Those are the breaks! Don’t let what I am saying make you hate search engine optimization, I am just venting here!



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