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Free money? Plus a well needed rest

We all prefer to get something for nothing, me included. I would lie if I acted adore 1 of these holy roller people who only believe that you should get money plus be rewarded for slaving your butt to death. The office where I have my job needed to have some emergency construction to meet the modern building codes in our growing city. Because of this they gave us all extra time off from our jobs with full pay as if all of us were going to work! The amount of office construction that needed to be done to meet the brand modern building codes was going to take a little over a month’s time. So this was a full month of full time job pay with having a trip more or less! I really took our entire family on a 1 week trip out to the islands while I was in this time when I found out it was going to be happening. I have to really thank the local, state, and the city with their modern building codes for this! Also, I can thank the office construction people for taking their sweet old time in doing the office renovations that needed to happen. From what I understand, they don’t have to work their jobs on weekends. So this possibly in total gave us an extra week off to make it be an additional full month! I consider myself to be honestly lucky to have had this happen. Because of the nonstop office construction, they are not even taking it off our paid trip accumulation time I or the other employees have accumulated. Isn’t life grand?

Light industrial construction

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