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These workmen were awesome

I recently hired an independent construction company.

And let me tell you how awesome this construction company was, and first, they arrived right on time for the job of renovating our kitchen.

Most times a construction company, especially independent construction company will arrive either too early or too late. This independent construction company literally showed up within a min of the start time. That showed true professionalism right there. Then, these construction company guys were honestly courteous when they began the job on the renovation of our kitchen by asking me if I wanted them to lay down some protective plastic around our floor so no shavings of wood would scatter all over the condo. I never had a construction company ask me that before. Also, when the time came for them to go on their dinner break, they asked me if I would mind if they took an extra few minutes because they wanted to get something to eat at a venue that was far from our house. Naturally I told them no problem. But any other construction company would have just done it plus would not give a hoot what I thought or anything adore that. Then, to top it off, they ended up finishing off the job a few minutes early than expected plus gave me a discount on the price to reflect that fact! They did not have to do that, however they did. These men were legitimately quite awesome! I would highly suggest them to everyone in our local space that needs any kind of renovation or construction job done on their beach house or their business!


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