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My HVAC system was pushing out a lot of dust.

I had never realized how dirty my basement was.

It wasn’t until the rest of my home started with the dust in the air and on the furniture, that I noticed all of the dust. I knew that my basement gathered a lot of dust, because it was everywhere. My air conditioning unit was in the basement. If it had been a finished basement, I don’t think I would have had so much trouble. I had a cement slab where the furnace and air conditioner sat but that was it. I thought that if I could get all of the dirt and dust off the air conditioner, it would help with the dust in the house, but I was wrong. I ended up calling the HVAC company for their help. I told them I had taken all the dust off thed air conditioning unit, but it was still getting into my house. They sent an HVAC tech to the house who went over my system. He said that the dry dirt of the basement was actually getting into the air conditioning unit. He cleaned the AC unit, and told me I would probably need to have the ductwork cleaned before I saw any difference. I had a professional ductwork cleaner clean the ductwork. I also had my brother come over and put concrete over the entire floor of the basement. He then sealed the concrete. I can’t believe the difference it made in my air quality. The AC unit was working better and I had less dust in my home.

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