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I had to go to the eye doctor.

I quickly came to the conclusion that it was time for a new pair of glasses.

I thought my blurry vision was because of all the scratches on my lenses. It wasn’t just the scratches that were becoming annoying, but my glasses were falling off my face. I had lost a screw in the bale and I needed to have it replaced. The nose piece had broken and I had it glued together. I hated going to the eye doctor because I hated having my eyes dilated. I finally made the appointment. When I walked in, I was shocked to see all of the different frames I could choose from. I was checking out the shapes, styles, colors, and even the prices, prior to seeing the eye doctor. I was also checking out their air conditioning. It was extremely hot outside and walking into the office was a breath of fresh air. I looked over to the air vent surprised to feel the airflow coming out of the air vents. jI couldn’t believe how good the air conditioning was in this office. I was almost loath to go back outside into the heat and humidity. I knew it was going to take several minutes for the car’s air conditioning to start working, and I would be even hotter inside the car. I wanted to take as much time as I could, enjoying the air conditioning. I already knew which glass frames I wanted, but I made sure to stretch out my search for just a few more minutes of the air conditioning.

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