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My child had to be put into a better school.

The minute I found out how incompetent my child’s teacher was, I knew I had to do something about his classes i couldn’t believe that his teacher wasn’t able to teach him more than he knew.

At fifteen, he was pointing out problems with some of the things she was teaching and she called him unruly.

When I went to talk to him, I was also upset with the air quality. It was hot and stuffy without any airflow. There was no air movement in the entire school. They had a few windows open, but the heat and humidity of the outside, was just coming inside. If I was uncomfortable being there for just an hour, how uncomfortable were our children. I went to the main office, and I realized they had air conditioning here, so I wondered if there just wasn’t a problem with their HvAC system. I was shown into the principal’s office. He sat there with a cool breeze coming from the air vents. I told him about the teacher and then I inquired about when the HVAC was going to be repaired. He raised an eyebrow and told me that the HvAC in the school had been shut off. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. He told me that the children adapted to these things and he thought that a little discomfort was good for them. A little discomfort? He was telling me they didn’t supply heating or air conditioning to the children. I was flabbergasted to hear this. I told him they were children and not animals. He told me that if I didn’t like how he ran his school, then I should take my son out of there, which I did.


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