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You should check out their HVAC before you stay.

I have often thought about the adage that beggars can’t be choosers.

I think this is right, but when it comes to your own comfort, why can’t you choose whom you choose to accept charity from? I never used to care about who I chose to accept a comfortable place to stay.

I thought that anywhere was better than in my car. It isn’t even that I couldn’t afford to have my own place. I just can’t see putting out the money for an apartment when I am the only one living there. Many of my friends and family are more than happy to give me a sofa to bunk on, or even a bed if they have a spare one. I have enough friends and family that I can spend a week or two at each and only be there once a year. I feel that spreading myself around gives them the joy of enjoying my company and it keeps me in places to stay. There are a few places I won’t stay because they have lousy HVAC and/or poor air quality. I don’t think this is good for their health or mine. I pretty much know who has the best HVAC and best air quality. I know I should take a chance, so I don’t offend them. If I think there is going to be a problem, I simply thank them for the offer and tell them I already have a place to stay. I know I shouldn’t check out their HVAC and air quality before I accept an invite, but it is for my own good.

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