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I laughed at Dad with his ‘signs’.

I was trying to give my dad some peace and comfort the other week.

I showed him a website that talked about ‘woo’.

Woo is a simple ideology of being able to focus your energies on your own destiny and turn things around so it brings you peace and harmony. People who immerse themselves in woo believe that there are signs everywhere. Apparently, my dad did a lot more reading about woo than I had thought he would. He also didn’t understand how the internet worked as well I thought he did. He called me all excited about his taking up a new career now that he was retired. He was going to become an HVAC technician. I couldn’t understand how he came up with this idea. He said the signs were all over. Every website he went to had advertisements talking about HVAC technical schools and HVAC companies. He said it was a sign that it was his destiny. I wondered if it was a sign or just cookies that were being put on his computers. I couldn’t tell him that his last search for local HVAC companies had prompted the internet to start showing HVAC company advertisements on every website he went to. Maybe he really could make a good HVAC technician and who was I to shatter his hopes? I really thought about telling him the difference between cookies and signs, but I couldn’t take away his joy. He acted like he finally found something to do with his life. I think I’ll just wish him luck in his new endeavor as an HVAC technician.

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