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I needed a little more motivation.

Every time my sister came over, she would cluck her tongue at me and tell me that I was out of shape.

  • She thought I should be going to the gym every morning, just like she was.

She reminded me that it was coming summer and it would soon be bikini season. She would then poke my belly and say that it was just full cover-up bathing suit season for me. I wasn’t any bigger than she was, and she irritated me. Most girls I know, get in good shape so they take bikini pictures and post them online. I’m not that vain or shallow. I keep my weight down pretty well, because I know that you need less air conditioning if you are thin. At least that is what my mother says. She has always told us that her air conditioning usage is less because she doesn’t expend so much energy trying to heft around a lot of weight. I think it has to do with body composition more than body mass, but I’m no expert. I enjoy it when it is cooler, and I am guilty of keeping the thermostat low in the summer. I don’t think you need to have the thermostat at sixty-eight, but I keep it at seventy-two all the time. I stay thin because I have a good metabolism. If it saves me a bit on the AC energy bill, I’m happy with that. I am not going to waste hundreds of dollars going to the gym, just to save that amount on my energy bill. I like my air conditioning more than I like exercise.

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