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My search brought up more searches than I hoped for.

I don’t know if it is me or everyone else who also notices that when you do a search, everything you do has ads for what you searched for.

I know that your mind notices things you haven’t thought about for awhile.

Like when my sister and I were talking about strollers. I hadn’t thought about a stroller, but I was suddenly seeing them all over. It’s like your mind suddenly registers that they are everywhere. It was the same way when I was looking for HVAC technician schools with my boyfriend. He had told me that he was considering taking courses and becoming a certified HVAC technician. I thought it was a wonderful idea and we sat down to see if there were any schools in the local area. All of a sudden, I had all different ads popping up on my computer. They all had something to do with HVAC technical schools. Some were HVAC parts advertisements. I even had a bunch of ads for HVAC companies in our area. I felt like I was being harassed. It was like even the people who advertised on billboards were against me now. There must have been at least ten billboards advertising local HVAC companies, on my way to work. When my boyfriend came over that night, I told him I couldn’t wait for him to go to school. I told him what was happening. He laughed and asked me what my favorite online dress store was? I was now getting dress ads popping up. It was better than HVAC ads.

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