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I couldn’t let them be euthanized.

For over a year now I have desperately wanted to get my own pet. I had recently lost my companion critter as well as I was desperately desiring the presence of another pooch. The problem is, I kept running into obstacles every time I attempted to adopt a new pet. The pet of my dreI have been telling myself that I needed a pet, for almost a year now. I thought it would be nice to have a cuddly little puppy to snuggle up with. I had given some thought to having a cat, but they really affected my allergies. I had tried to adopt a dog once, but when I had gone to pick him up, he had already been adopted. I knew I should have said something to the owner of the shelter. Then the pandemic hit and every dog in our local pet shelter was adopted before I could get to one of them. I was beginning to think I wasn’t meant to be a pet owner. AFter a long hot afternoon, I went home, hopped in the shower, and then relaxed in the living room with the refreshing air conditioning blowing over my sunburned skin. I shivered a bit when I heard a bit of a rattle coming from the air vent. The AC had just cycled off and it was quite an odd sound. I wondered if there wasn’t a small crack in the ductwork that the air was causing it to flutter. I called the HVAC company, and asked them to look at my ductwork. I was surprised when he told me there were two small baby squirrels caught inside the ductwork, and they were trying to escape. He was going to get rid of them, but I offered to nurse them back to health. Maybe I had just saved the life of these squirrels and they could be the companions I was looking for.



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