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It was a hit and run HVAC repair.

Have you ever had one of those family members that you just couldn’t stand? Even if you didn’t like them, you still acknowledged that they were family and put up with them when you had to.

  • My cousin was one of those people.

If someone had something going in their life, he always had it worse. When my sister was pregnant, she was sick all the time. He had to one up her and start telling her how he thought he had heart problems, but no doctor wanted to discuss it with him. I was waiting for him to die, just to make sure he got the attention first. He was just so annoying and I always tried to avoid him. My mother was telling me how he had a lot of problems with his HVAC system. Being a human, and an HVAC technician, I knew how upsetting that could be. I wasn’t going to offer my help since I didn’t want to be around him that long. When mom said he was away on maneuvers for two weeks, I called his wife. I asked if her furnace had been repaired yet? She told me that no one was able to get there yet and thanked me for asking. I told her that if she needed the assistance of an HVAC technician, I would help. She knew how much I disliked her husband, but I always got along well with her. She was thrilled when I offered, and I went over that afternoon. She told her husband that the HVAC tech had done the repairs and she didn’t even get a chance to see who it was. It was like a hit and run; done and gone before you knew what hit you.
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