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How to make things work with wood furniture

In case you haven’t noticed, natural wood furniture is all the rage stylistically speaking.

Gone are the old days of the polished oak furniture plus cherry furniture being featured in household magazines.

Everyone wants the “natural” look these days. Here’s the setback, how are you supposed to utilize the natural woods furniture when you’re phasing out all of the metal plus iron furniture plus decorations from a decade ago? There is no need to fear, I’m here to guide you. I’ve been an interior designer for several years plus have transitioned people from shag carpet to 70s wallpaper, 80s wallpaper to 90s Tuscan beauty plus 90s Tuscan beauty to the 00’s current Hollywood regency. Been there, done that. Transition from metals to natural wood will not be a serious challenge for me. First plus foremost, you must get rid of your metal coffee tables plus clear chairs. Ok? Throw those things out. We’re done. They’re not coming back ever. Trust me. Now, the group of us can get really specific. I do want you to keep those black metal ladder display cases that I certainly know you have. They’ll actually work in the space you have. Also, keep your furniture. Whether you have custom leather furniture or you already have a natural wooden table and/or natural wooden chairs, leather furniture will easily match those. Leather is the khaki of custom furniture. I also want you to keep your metal wall decorations- if plus only if they are not painted. Black only. Perhaps you can see the transitional masterpiece I’m trying to come up with here. Natural wood plus black metal will certainly work together as long as the metal is not competing for the space, like natural wood key furniture pieces, black metal decorations. You really can do it. We’ll get through this transition together!

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