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My HVAC ducts are cleaned again

I’m not sure what it is about my home, but it seems like my HVAC ducts become very dirty really easily. I always know when it is time to clean them when I have debris blowing out of my a/c vents. I used to think that it might be coming from my a/c filter, as I usually will forget to change it until we are practically breathing in dirt, but there would be several times that I would use the air conditioning filter, and still have really dirty air. I wasn’t exactly sure what this could mean, so I called my local HVAC business and asked for advice. They would tell me about how my heating and cooling ducts could become incredibly dirty, and the air could push the dirt through the vents into my home. They explained that after time, dirt, debris and other gross things could build up inside the ducts and then are pushed around into my home through different air vents. This greatly grossed me out, so I had them clean my HVAC ducts. That was last year, and I knew it was time for another duct cleaning when I began to see little particles floating through the air, and the AC filter had already been replaced. Sometimes, it would get so bad that I would find little piles of dirt below an air vent, thankfully that wasn’t very often. I would just try to clean up all of the dirt, until I could get a professional to come out and do it for me. I called the HVAC corporation and made an appointment for yet another HVAC duct cleaning.

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