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Feeding the wild horses

I am very lucky to have been born out in the wilderness and away from cities.

Because of this, it has allowed me to become really close to nature.

While I love all forms of wildlife, there are a few I really like in particular. I have beautiful birds sing in my yard, adorable little lizards scamper about and pretty butterflies fly around. I also have a few stray cats that hang around, but my favorite part is the horses. Past my house is about 50 acres worth of unoccupied land, and that’s where a herd of wild horses roam. I see them come mostly in the summertime, when the grass is bright green, and then they move somewhere else for winter. I have always been fascinated watching the horses interact with each other, and there seems to be about 30 of them. The horses would sometimes watch me back, and I was able to get them to trust me enough to feed them. Every week, I would put out a big bucket full of different treats and they would come right outside my house! They didn’t trust me enough yet to let me approach so I would sit next to my air conditioning system and watch. The cooling breeze would blow my hair while I watched the horses with fascination. As much as I love sitting next to my air conditioner and appreciate the cool air, I hope to eventually get out in the hot sun and pet the beautiful horses. But until then, I guess I will just have to watch them for the window, and enjoy my cooling device.


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