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Getting an HVAC controlled garage

It took me a while but I finally got the motivation and took back the garage.

That’s right, I was slowly weaseled out of my very own garage by my wife and children.

We bought this house together shortly after we were married. It took all our savings and some help from my parents to get the down payment. I can remember how incredible it felt to be living in my very own home. My wife and I loved how comfortable it was. The HVAC system was brand new and state of the art at the time. It kept us cozy warm in the winter and the house was refreshingly cool during the summer. There was a yard for gardening and bedrooms to grow a family. Plus, it had a very nice 2 car garage. I had never had a garage in my entire life. It was like some sort of man heaven for me. There was room for an extensive work table and all my tools. The garage sort of became my spot. Then, the kids happened. If you have them, you know how much stuff they generate. Suddenly, my perfect garage got taken over by boxes of stuff. Now, I can’t even fit one car in the garage much less utilize my work bench. Well, I’d had enough. I called the HVAC guy and I called a storage facility. First, I took all that accumulated junk and put it in a storage locker. Then I had the HVAC guy put in a ductless HVAC unit to heat and cool the garage because I was taking it back.

Geothermal heat pump

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