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Yearning to be a homeowner with real HVAC

I made certain economic sacrifices in order to pursue and have a career that I am passionate about. Don’t even get me started on the student loans. But, that’s what it took to get the required graduate degree to be able to do what I do for a living. Unfortunately, those student loans have been an albatross around my neck. I feel as though I will be paying of my school loans for the rest of my life. That means I have to do without a lot of stuff in order to get by. A big problem is the apartment life which comes with absolutely putrid HVAC conditions. It doesn’t seem to matter where I move, the HVAC is always undersized and chronically insufficient. I so long to have my own house with some grown up HVAC. There are plenty of added responsibilities to homeownership but, just having a home that was comfortable would be worth it. Currently, I actually like where I live. I have been able to upgrade to a duplex situation and have all the room I could need right now. The place is in a super convenient area that looks out over a man made lake. But of course, the HVAC is so not up to the mark. The summers are the worst. When there is any HVAC cooling to be had, it’s minimal. However, I bet the landlord’s handyman has been out here at least once a month tinkering with this lousy HVAC. I’m just about to start looking for another place. At this rate, I may just get travel trailer, park it on a friends property and live out of that. At least the HVAC would be nice.


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