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Heating & cooling equipment at HVAC company is neglected

For the last ten years, I’ve been employed by an HVAC company as a receptionist.

I take calls, set up service schedules and dispatch the trucks.

I handle inventory, billing and most of the paperwork. I see to it that our contractors remain current on training requirements, licenses and certifications. It’s also my job to call up the members of our maintenance contracts to remind them when it’s time to schedule service for their heating and cooling systems. When I first got the job, I knew very little about the HVAC industry. I’ve gradually learned a great deal about the different styles of heating, cooling and air quality options available. I’ve come to understand that preventative maintenance is essential to the operation of all makes, models and ages of equipment. Without annual upkeep, the performance of the components steadily diminishes, resulting in inferior comfort, safety hazards, air quality threats and energy waste. The heating and cooling system will cost more to run but provide less and less heated or cooled air. The risk of a breakdown and premature failure is greater. Without a record of professional service, the manufacturer’s warranty coverage is no longer active. Everyone who works for our HVAC service company is aware of these many benefits. We all know that annual inspection and adjustment is recommended and cost-effective. Despite this, our heating and cooling system is totally ignored. Our team of professionals are so occupied with installation, repairs and the proactive upkeep of our customer’s systems that there’s no time to worry about ours. Because of this, our office is freezing in the winter and overheated all summer.

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