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Taking measures to trim heating and cooling costs

The cost of running the furnace and air conditioner is a big impact on my budget.

I’ve done the calculations and temperature control adds up to approximately 50% of the energy consumed by our household.The winter weather in my area is typically long and severe.

We endure between six to eight months of temperatures below freezing and sometimes below zero. The heating system runs non stop and is most often blasting at max capacity. Although our summer weather doesn’t last more than a couple of months, the heat and humidity are brutal. We rely on central air conditioning to provide a comfortable living environment and prevent condensation, mold and mildew growth. Although my family is very careful with thermostat settings, I’m still very unhappy with the cost of heating and cooling. I know that adjusting the thermostat up or down by just a few degrees makes a significant difference in energy use. I make sure to take very good care of the heating and cooling equipment, changing air filters every month and scheduling professional maintenance twice per year. Keeping the system in good shape promotes peak efficiency levels, reliability, air quality, comfort and equipment longevity. I’ve also taken proactive measures around the house to prevent the heated and cooled air from escaping. I’ve invested in brand new, thermal pane, Energy Star rated windows and carefully caulked around them. I’ve added insulation into the attic, walls and ceilings and weatherstripped exterior doors. My latest project is to install ceiling fans in the main rooms. The fans should help push the heat down toward the floor in the winter and encourage it up and out during the summer.



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