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Husband has no luck with air conditioner maintenance

When I first turned on the air conditioner in late May, I had some immediate concerns.

The cool air pouring from the supply vents had a musty odor.

The system was outputting less air than normal and introducing a significant amount of dust into the home. Plus the equipment was rather loud every time it started up or shut down. I recognized that all of these problems were probably due to a lack of maintenance. The air conditioner had been neglected for nearly eight months. During that time, dust and other contaminants had most likely found their way inside and gradually built up. I figured there was a great deal of mold thriving on the cooling coil, dust coating the fan blades and algae growing in the condensate drain. I was certain that all these complications would be resolved with service from a licensed HVAC contractor. Professionals have been trained in the proper protocols and have the tools, experience and expertise to take the air conditioner apart and handle all of the necessary upkeep. They tighten electrical connections, check the refrigerant charge, lubricate moving parts, verify the thermostat and clean all of the components. They use specialized chemicals to prevent bacterial growth. My husband was sure he could manage all of these jobs. He isn’t all that handy with home repairs, so I doubted his capabilities. I didn’t think he could cause any damage, so I was fine with him giving it a try. He dedicated over three hours to taking the air conditioner apart and servicing all of the various parts. When he finally reassembled it, the cooling unit wouldn’t even turn on. Rather than pay a minimal fee for maintenance, I ended up with a much more costly air conditioner repair.

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