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I love the way that’s being handled

Every one of us has at least one elderly person in our lives that you love.

We would do whatever it takes to make sure they are comfortable and warm.

While working at a nursing home, I found out that the furnace is irreplaceable. last year was our third year with the same furnace but unfortunately we had only had it serviced by an HVAC technician once. Every one of us was never too sad about the furnace or air conditioning systems because they had never presented any problems for us until one cool evening. Someone had set the temperature on the temperature control pretty high to keep the furnace running for the elderly folks comfort. Within a few minutes one of the ladies noticed that the furnace had never turned on and it was getting cold in the building. Some of the elderly were saying that the furnace was making weird noises plus some were questioning why the cool air was on. The workers quickly went to every vent and felt chilly air rushing out of them. I called the HVAC business telling them they needed to be at the nursing home immediately. The HVAC specialist was on sight shortly to see what was wrong with the heater. He said the whole system was malfunctioning causing cool air to come out of the air ducts. The HVAC specialist proceeded to fix the air conditioning system plus set the HVAC system back in the right order. Thankfully the furnace was on again within an hour. The elderly were once again happy in their home.



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