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I am once again happy!

We all love our elderly friends and family in our lives and every one of us cares much for them. We do everything necessary to guarantee they are comfortable. This means the temperature control is set at a warm temperature. In my own experience of working at a nursing home, I learned that caring for heating plus air conditioning systems is exceedingly important. Last year was the nursing home’s fourth year with the same oil furnace. The heating and air conditioning worker had only come to check our heater once. one cool evening, the temperature was kept high to keep the oil furnace running for the elderly folks there. A few hours later it was observed that the oil furnace was still off and some cool air was flowing from the air ducts. Some of the elderly were also suggesting that the oil furnace was making weird noises.The workers at the home hastily went to every room feeling cold air rushing out of every vent. A worker called the HVAC supplier and told them it was urgent. The HVAC supplier was there shortly to see what was wrong with the heater. He said the a/c was what was undoubtedly malfunctioning thus causing cool air to come out of the air vents. The HVAC supplier set the cooling and heating systems back in the right order. When he was done the elderly folks were once again happy and comfortable.

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