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The elderly need to have a warm temperature to be comfortable.

We all have an elderly person in our lives that we care deeply for, and we do everything we can to make sure they are comfortable and the thermostat is set at a warm temperature.

While working at a nursing home, I learned that a serviced HVAC system, and specifically the furnace, is of utmost importance.

Last year was our fourth year with the furnace we have now. Up until then, the HVAC technician had only come to service our furnace once. We were never too concerned about the furnace or air conditioners because they had never presented any problems for us until it was too late. One cool evening, we had set the temperature on the thermostat on pretty high to keep the furnace running for the elderly folks there. A few minutes later it was noticed that the furnace had never kicked on and the thermostat read a low temperature. Some of the elderly were complaining that the furnace was making strange noises and some were questioning why the air conditioning was on. The workers at the home quickly went vent to vent feeling cold air rushing out of them. We could also hear the furnace making strange ticking noises. We called the HVAC company and told them it was an emergency. The HVAC technician was on sight shortly to see what was wrong with the heater. He said the air conditioning system was what was actually malfunctioning and causing cool air to come out of the air vents. The HVAC technician proceeded to fix the air conditioner and set the HVAC system back in the right order. Luckily it only took an hour to fix and the furnace was on again. The elderly were once again comfortable in their own home.

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