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As a child, I was always interested in HVAC technology.

I grew up in a very warm climate for most of my childhood and my family always had an air conditioner running during the day.

My parents were diligent in making sure our HVAC system was serviced every year by an HVAC technician.

I loved it when the HVAC technician would come over. Every time he came he would teach me something either about an air conditioner or a furnace. I remember the day when we needed to have a new HVAC system installed. My dad took me to the HVAC store to look around at the different options of air conditioner and furnace units. When we walked in, I was taken aback by the amount of different air conditioners and furnaces there were in that one store. I was delighted and thrilled to learn the difference between each one. One of the workers of the store who was an HVAC technician showed me first the different types of air conditioners and the basic structure of how they make cool air. Then he showed me the multiple furnaces the store had to offer. Lastly, he showed me the thermostats. I had never understood a thermostat until that man explained it to me. My dad, patient as he was, stood by me and listened to the HVAC technician the whole time. Finally, the technician helped my dad find the perfect HVAC unit for our home. He scheduled a date and time for the HVAC technician to come and install the HVAC system. Because of the influence those technicians had on me, I went on to pursue the career of an HVAC technician myself. Now I spend my days fixing air conditioners and servicing furnaces, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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