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Getting new filters installed

I’m not a very big fan of calling 800-numbers to buy accessories and upgradement parts for several products and purchases.

I had an office chair a decade ago that I appreciated dearly, however the arm rests were notorious for cracking where 1 of the bolts was placed. I went through 4of those arm rests before throwing the chair away for good. Each time I wanted a current arm rest, I had to flip the chair and located the rare 800-number near the serial number and other warranty information. Despite the fact that the arm rests were free and offered by the device’s warranty, it would have been much easier to have access to these parts on a website or cellphone app. I ran into the same exact issue with these air cleaners that I bought three or four weeks ago. I am trying to keep my indoor air as clean and free of harmful contaminants as much as I possibly can. They’re amazing machines that do what they advertise, however they have disposable HEPA filters that always need to be repaired after numerous to numerous weeks of constant use. I figured that the manufacturer would either sell them at the store where I bought the air cleaners, or would at least have a store on their website with parts and pieces. Sadly however, I was forced to call a totally different 800-number just to get current filters for my air cleaners. I was linked to a call center overseas, however they pulled up my model and had the space ordered in a few minutes. It arrived at my house later that week. In the end, it wasn’t as hard of a process as I initially expected and I am simply ecstatic to have clean air cleaners again.


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