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Improving my indoor air quality

We live in a terrible area, but the air quality in our home is particularly horrendous.

I saved up our money and the first thing I was buying was a whole apartment media air cleaner.

I had wanted an air purification method for quite some time now, but I wasn’t just looking for any purification method I wanted a fantastic one. I decided to go with a HEPA filter since they are known for their ability to clean even the dirtiest of air. Before I started looking around for one to buy I figured they would be expensive but to our surprise there were several reasonably priced filters available. This filter would be perfect alongside our air conditioning machine. Due to the part I live in frequently being covered in smoke and smog in the air, I knew I needed one of these filters for the sake of our health. After looking around I found a nice filter in a HVAC store, it was so fantastic it promised to filter out 94% percent of the terrible air. I made the purchase from the heating and cooling company and got the filter all set up in our home. In the weeks following I observed a sizable shift in our indoor air pollen levels, it went from thick plus hard to breathe to clean and fresh within a day. I am proud to say I now have a better social life because people want to come over and spend time and nobody is worrying about breathing in that terrible air anymore. This air filter is amazing and has changed our life for the better.

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