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Heated flooring

My thermostat worked great, as well as my furnace.

However one persistent problem I had was my house always being cold.

Even with the furnace running. It wasn’t so much the central heating system as it was the floor. The floor always gave you the feeling as if you were walking on a block of ice. I had had enough of my feet being cold everyday. Even wearing socks around the house didn’t help much. So I decided to install some heated flooring. I saw a DIY kit for sale but I didn’t want to put down the heated flooring components by myself so I contacted a HVAC company that advertised heated floors on their website to install the heated flooring kit for me. When the technician arrived he laid down the heat mats that would provide me with the warm floor I had been wanting. The heating and cooling specialist made a comment about how cold my floor was and he could see why I would want heated flooring installed. It took a few hours to get the heated flooring set up the way I wanted it to be but once it was finished it was perfect. Now besides having an excellent furnace, I no longer feel like I am walking on a block of ice. I can even walk around in my home with bare feet and feel nothing but the warmth from beneath. It truly is great for those cold winter days. Now whenever I have company over, I get compliments on my flooring, it works so well sometimes my friends and I even lay on the floor. It is a lot of fun sharing warmth with good company.

Smart thermostat

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