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I need to clean the ducts in my HVAC unit

Right now, the most important thing in my house is to make sure that the ducts are cleaned in my HVAC unit.

There is a virus that is going around in our country that is causing sickness, and we have been told that the HVAC units could be used to help prevent us from getting sick.

Obviously, the HVAC units can only help if we are willing to stay home instead of going out, but I am more than willing. There were two things that they said that we could do to our HVAC units to make sure that we stay healthy. Obviously, they recommended that we call an HVAC technician if we needed any help. The first thing that we could do is change the air filter on our HVAC unit. Apparently, the HEPA air filters can prevent the virus from getting into the HVAC system and spreading throughout the air, so I decided to change the air filter. It isn’t very difficult to change the air filter, so I definitely didn’t need to call an HVAC technician. The other thing that I could do to prevent myself from getting sick is to have the ducts cleaned in our HVAC unit. I wasn’t sure about doing this one, so I decided to call an HVAC technician. However, everyone else has also called the HVAC technician, and they are booked for a while, so I guess that I am going to have to clean the ducts out myself in the HVAC unit. It might be difficult, but I can’t imagine that it will be too hard. I have to clean the ducts out anyway since I don’t want to get sick.


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