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I Say We Improve Our Offices Now

As a small chain of dentists in the local area we are certainly about to face a time of hardship. It is not thought that dental work will be highly prioritized in the near future during the new reality that will come about as this health crisis abates. It would be easy for us to feel like now is the time to batten down the hatches and save money for the coming lean times. However, it is felt by this franchise owner that we should instead invest in our future together as a company. These health issues are not going away, and meanwhile, many of us plan on owning our dentistry until we retire and beyond. That is why I suggest that we invest in technology that will stop the spread of germs in all of our premises. Indoor air purification systems will be money beyond well spent in the near future. We should install HEPA filters, UV air purifiers, and ensure that all of our HVAC systems are at their peaks. This is also a good time to have ductwork cleaning done. When people get dental work done they feel exposed and want to make sure they are safe. We need to attack this challenge head on by spending into this disaster and not making it any worse. In fact we could turn it into an opportunity of sorts. I know that it does not feel like it is a good time to spend into the abyss, which is why I am offering all fellow franchisees interest free loans, for the full term of the loan to help with the expenses.


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