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Our College Contract Just Got Harder

I know that it is a pretty crazy time to have gotten a new contract running a whole dorm system in a college, but that is what we face as a company and we need to not shrink from this new challenge.

Obviously the recent events in the world mean that cleanliness and stopping the spread of germs has become the top priority, and we are now in the unenviable position of trying to stop the spread of germs among college students.

Some might say that this is an impossible task, but I doubt that our new clients would let us off the hook in case of huge outbreaks. That is why we must now do all that we can while these dorms are empty to make it more difficult for germs to spread. Airborne germs are perhaps our number one enemy, so we are going to be installing HEPA filters and UV air filters in all dorms and connected buildings. Different buildings have different HVAC systems, so we are going to be repairing HVAC systems in some buildings and upgrading HVAC systems in others, depending on the situation. We are in the indoor comfort business, but we are also now in the indoor safety from spreading germs business too now. Any HVAC repairman that works for this company can officially expect to be making as many overtime hours as he wants over the next few weeks. There will be some duct cleaning no doubt too that will be needed to be done. Air purification vendors that anybody is in contact with will be given an opportunity to be given a large contract with us as of right now.

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