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The best time for an HVAC repair

So I bite the bullet and do what i have to do

I work as an HVAC repair specialist for my local heating and air conditioning company. I used to be an independent HVAC contractor, but I gave that all up and got employed by an HVAC company when that wasn’t cutting it anymore with steady income. I have to tell you that in my opinion, the best time I like to do HVAC repairs is in the spring or the fall. If it is a very detailed HVAC repair, I could be stuck outside of someone’s house or some commercial business for hours! And in the spring and in the fall, the temperatures outside are much easier to deal with and nearly perfect in the area I live in. I really hate the HVAC repair calls I have to go to in the dead heat of the summer or the freezing cold winter months. I just hate being outside in extreme weather. However, it all comes with the job of being a certified heating and air conditioning repair specialist in today’s world. If I could afford to, I would just work seasonal in the HVAC repair business and do something else in the summer and winter. However, being that my degree is in HVAC repair and installation, I have no choice but to work all year round as a certified heating and air conditioning repair specialist. So I bite the bullet and do what i have to do. I just wanted to share my feelings on HVAC repair, that’s all. I hope you understand exactly where I was coming from.


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